Cloud Optimisation is About More Than the Cloud

As competitive and economic pressures intensify, and the cloud consumes an ever larger proportion of IT time and budgets, the need to optimise cloud environments is becoming imperative.

Managing cloud-related spending has become increasingly important for IT leaders. With the increased complexity of multi-cloud environments and the challenges of operating in today’s competitive economic landscape, the need is stronger than ever for organisations to optimise their cloud infrastructures.  


The Effects of the Rush to the Cloud 

The accelerated move to the cloud since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic has left many organisations with poorly designed, sub-optimal infrastructures, resulting in complexity, lack of agility and excess cost. 

A lack of knowledge and understanding of cloud platforms and pricing models means that workloads are not optimised and pay-as-you-go pricing models are not being utilised effectively around resources. Money and resources that could be allocated better are being wasted. A lack of continuity and mutability across different business functions compounds the problems, leading to poor investment decisions and confusion over the business case for the cloud. 


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Siloed Cloud Migration Decisions

Many issues have arisen because organisations failed to consider the bigger picture when making cloud migration decisions, approaching them in a siloed way.

Decisions about moving workloads to the cloud have often been taken in isolation, to meet a specific individual need, rather than being planned as part of a long-term strategy. An inability to draw on a depth and breadth of expertise from multiple different native cloud environments leads to fragmented, siloed infrastructures and poor decision-making, resulting in unexpected costs and increased security risks.


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Holistic Cloud Optimisation

A holistic approach to cloud optimisation is essential to ensure that organisations can take full advantage of the cloud, in both the short- and long-term. 

If businesses are to fully optimise their cloud-based environments to improve both efficiency and performance, then they must look at the cloud as one element in their broader infrastructure strategy. This includes networks, application management and security. Taking this broader approach is vital to ensure organisations make cloud decisions with the full picture of their cloud environment while helping them to capitalise on the many innovation opportunities that the cloud offers such as AI, machine learning and improved data analytics.


Many medium-sized organisations lack the breadth and depth of expertise in-house to fully optimise their cloud strategies, meaning that the right partners are essential. 




Designing, implementing and managing a holistic cloud optimisation strategy requires a broad range of expertise:

  • Understanding cloud platforms and capabilities
  • Multiple cloud provider pricing models
  • Implications of cloud decisions on Networks and Security
  • How to effectively design a hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Aligning business units into a unified cloud strategy


Few businesses can claim to have all the necessary depth of expertise to successfully optimise their cloud-based environments so finding the right partner to support your business is essential. It’s also vital that cloud optimisation is viewed not as a one-off exercise but as a continuous process of innovation. 


How Sify Can Help

Sify is ideally placed to help businesses build a sustainable, fully optimised cloud infrastructure that meets long-term business needs.

Sify offers deep expertise in all areas of cloud and IT infrastructure, combined with proven methodologies and frameworks to help analyse, design and optimise cloud environments. 

Our proven experience and expertise have delivered for organisations seeking to optimise their cloud infrastructures, including reducing costs and ensuring resources are right sized, accelerating deployment time for new applications, improving alignment between business functions and helping firms integrate new cloud-based technologies such as AI or analytics.


The Key Challenges We Solve

With a heritage in IT Infrastructure, Sify has grown over two decades to provide a one-stop engagement across networks, data centre, cloud, digital and IT services.

Sify enables you to build an IT infrastructure that underpins business profitability, by delivering flexible expertise to fill IT skills gaps, and by deploying, managing and optimising complex hybrid environments to deliver the right combination of flexibility, security and affordability.

Here are the key challenges our Managed Services can help your organisation solve:

  • shutterstock_2108895575Optimisation
    Future-proof your business by optimising your use of cloud technology
  • shutterstock_2172878179Resources
    Increase responsiveness with access to the right scale and calibre of specialist IT skills as and when you need them
  • shutterstock_2108406047Cost Savings
    Make your IT budget go further by lowering your costs and becoming more efficient
  • shutterstock_2117981900Reduce Risk
    Control your risks by ensuring the security and resilience of your IT infrastructure


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