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A successful learning program is an evolving journey because you are dealing with a constantly changing audience: your employees. Whether your goal is to boost employee productivity, reduce staff turnover or improve company culture or a combination of all three, Sify can help.  

We provide the two fundamental components of a successful digital learning program: the learning management system (LMS) and the learning content it holds whether it’s Off the Shelf and Custom content. 


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Why is Digital Learning Important to a Learning Program?

The global workforce is continually evolving. An increasingly competitive business landscape, rising complexity, and the digital revolution are reshaping employees. Meanwhile, a multigenerational workforce and a shorter shelf life for knowledge have placed a premium on reskilling and upskilling. It means there is an ever-increasing importance on attracting, nurturing and retaining the best talent for your organisation. 

The LMS offers your end users a centralised place for learning content to ensure learning is seamless and accessible anytime, anywhere. For administrators they can create personalised learning courses or learning journeys for individuals, teams or company-wide and track and report on progress using their choice of metrics. 

The learning content can be ready-made off the shelf courses or custom which is bespoke content created by our in-house design team. 

Our Digital Learning Services

We help businesses boost productivity, reduce staff turnover and develop company culture by designing, implementing and managing digital learning strategies that achieve results.



We work with you to understand the unique goals of your learning and development program. From here, our learning experts will design and implement custom learning content to meet your goals. 


Off the Shelf

Extensive learning content covering thousands of courses, videos and eBooks on topics like Leadership, Management, Personal Development, Technology & Developer and Compliance. 



Our localisation and translation services will transform your content into assets that will feel natural and local for the end-users as if they have been specifically made for them.


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Our Clients

Sify works in partnership and collaboration with our customers to understand their goals and work together to achieve them. We know our strengths and what value we can bring so it is our responsibility to ensure our customers do too so they can maximise the outcomes of our partnership.  

Our commitment is always to provide excellent service and support but also continuously add value and innovation. That means working in collaboration to get the best results, challenging each other to always do better, having honest conversations and solving problems quickly when things go wrong. To us, that is what a successful partnership is all about. 

Why Sify Digital Learning?

Sify Digital Learning is a specialist digital learning partner that offers the complete learning solution you need to attract, nurture and retain the best business talent.  

We understand a successful learning program is an evolving journey because you are dealing with a constantly changing audience. That is why we work in partnership with you to design, implement and optimise your learning program. 

Sify Digital Learning helps organisations succeed with their learning goals of boosting employee productivity, reducing staff turnover and improving company culture. 


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About Sify

Sify is an IT and Digital Services company that was formed in 1995 and Nasdaq listed since 1999. We help over ten thousand clients and partners improve business operational efficiency and deliver excellence on the Indian subcontinent and globally through network services, data centres services, professional services and digital learning. 

Headquartered in India, Sify is widely respected as a Fortune India 500 company accredited as an IT service provider, system integrator and all-in-one network solutions company. 


“Sify has done a great job in animating some of the PowerPoints with narration and interactivity. Edits and turn-around times have been very quick. I think this will be something revolutionary for the department.” Healthcare Company
“Sify’s team have been very supportive throughout the development process and helped us align and present our content in a manner that will definitely help achieve our objectives.” Subject Matter Expert for NMMA Application
“I’m so pleased with the storyboard you have put together!” Global Medical Company
“I would like to thank the entire training and development team. The videos are unbelievable in quality, content, and usefulness.” Electric Supply Company