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How to Manage the Escalating Costs of a Cloud IT Environment

As businesses increasingly embrace cloud-based IT environments, they often encounter the challenge of escalating costs. While the cloud offers scalability, flexibility and potential cost saving, unchecked resource consumption and inefficient management can lead to financial strain. To address this issue, you need effective strategies to manage and optimise your cloud-based IT environments.

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Why Password Policies Aren’t Enough

We’ve all been there. We’ve had to set a password in a system and we’ve been told it’s not strong enough. Or we finally set a strong password only to be told 30 days later that we need to change our password. Password policies are not enough to encourage good security behaviour.

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Spotlight on Location Independence

New Services That support The New Normal But How Do Businesses Get The Most Benefit?

In 2020, we learnt some valuable lessons about innovation in the cloud. Businesses that were previously lagging in their digital transformation efforts, found themselves on the back-foot and had to up the pace of innovation to support their dispersed workforce, remain competitive in their market and create customer experiences that would help them weather the storm.

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