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Build Your Bespoke Environment in India 

India is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for digital consumers. An entire ecosystem of primary and associated services is benefiting from this rapid change. The data centre has become the epicentre of Cloud and Digital Transformation in the region. 

As the pioneer in data centre services in India, Sify was one of the first service providers to offer Managed Hosting Services, Colocation Services and Enterprise-ready Cloud Services, serving customers since 1995.  

Sify will help you build your bespoke service environment in any of our ten data centres across the Indian subcontinent.  

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Colocation Services

Not every public cloud provider can offer the right environment that will host IT or compute services the way you designed them. This is why so many organisations still choose to build their own data centres that cater for the right amount of space, power and cooling to suit the needs of their service environment.  

Sify removes the challenge and cost of running your own data centre by allowing you to deploy and manage your infrastructure your way with Sify’s best-in-class Colocation Services. 

Data Centre Locations

Host your environment in India and become part of India’s digital transformation by hosting your environment with Sify.  



How Sify Can Help?

Sify owns and operates one of India’s most extensive data networks that reach over 1,600 towns & cities. We have invested heavily in ten hyperscale data centres in the region, with further data centre expansion in our roadmap. It is why over 10,000 businesses globally trust our services to provide network connectivity, internet services and data centre solutions in India.



About Sify

Sify is an IT and Digital Services company that was formed in 1995 and Nasdaq listed since 1999. We help over ten thousand clients and partners improve business operational efficiency and deliver excellence on the Indian subcontinent and globally through network services, data centres services, professional services and digital learning. 

Headquartered in India, Sify is widely respected as a Fortune India 500 company accredited as an IT service provider, system integrator and all-in-one network solutions company. 


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