What to Consider for a Data Centre Service Partner

Organisations are on a perennial quest to reduce costs and increase their business focus with the power of data. There is an increased emphasis on unleashing the full potential of technology with the Data Centre (DC) and the corroborating IT infrastructure. Organisations are increasingly looking forward to unlocking data-driven transformation by partnering with the right Data Centre service providers for organisational resilience, business continuity, and cost savings.

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Why Password Policies Aren’t Enough

We’ve all been there. We’ve had to set a password in a system and we’ve been told it’s not strong enough. Or we finally set a strong password only to be told 30 days later that we need to change our password. Password policies are not enough to encourage good security behaviour.

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Shifting Mindsets: Adopting a Compliance Journey

It's simple, companies that have compliance as a key component of their culture and have fully integrated compliance management into their business systems to reach business objectives, perform better. Their employees have a higher level of satisfaction, resulting in improved productivity and employee retention. Their reputation and brand perception is better, which results in better economic performance in the marketplace. Safety records improve, reducing both cost and risk.

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