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James Ridgway

James is a Director of The Curve, an experienced Software Engineer and Leader of Engineering Teams. Since graduating with a First Class Honours Masters degree in Software Engineering from The University of Sheffield James has worked across numerous technology stacks from Android development and web development through to data science analytics and building distributed platforms of microservices. His approach to engineering is quality focused, with an emphasis on consistency, best practice and technical excellence. Experienced in technical leadership James has transformed poor-performing, high-attrition teams to delivering regularly and consistently. In transforming teams, James has re-built team cultures, instilled best practices, embedded continuous improvement processes and enabled individuals and teams to reach their potential.

Why Password Policies Aren’t Enough

We’ve all been there. We’ve had to set a password in a system and we’ve been told it’s not strong enough. Or we finally set a strong password only to be told 30 days later that we need to change our password. Password policies are not enough to encourage good security behaviour.

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